My Day in Columbia, SC

I spent a day in Columbia, SC, and found an inviting city with southern charm. With landmarks and museums spread throughout, it seemed at times as if I were flipping through a history textbook while walking through the streets.

In the morning, I visited the Town Theatre. I learned from staff that this community theatre has been in use without interruption longer than any other in the nation. The same building has been holding all sorts of plays since 1917. That fact got me thinking about all of the different generations that have walked through the doors there to take in a play. When it first opened, some of the first visitors would have been born well before the Civil War. Talk about history.

After I left the theatre, I signed up for a guided tour of the University of South Carolina. The time I spent there gave me a chance to feel like a fan of the Gamecocks for the day. The students at this school in the capital city are crazy about college football, and they have a disdain for the Clemson Tigers that obviously flows through their veins.

I spent my evening visiting bars in a downtown that has had a recent makeover. The word to describe the food and drinks matched that of my day: magnificent.


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